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About Us

If you love cookies and want to try out some of the best on the market, then Bakeo House is here for you. We created this business with the idea to offer customers access to the best cookies out there. Whether you love butter cookies, cranberry cornflake cookies, almond chocolate cookies and many others, you are in the right place.

Our founder started helping his sister to make some great cookies after getting laid off. After mastering the art of baking cookies, he started sharing those with friends and all of them liked the high quality provided by him. That’s how Bakeo House came to be, it was started in 2019 and since then we’ve been operating locally, taking orders online from all customers.

We are offering a vast range of cookie types, and on top of that we keep the prices as affordable as possible. Our focus is on quality, and that’s why we only use natural ingredients, to bring you that tremendous value for money with every cookie.

It’s important for us to keep customers happy, and we always work hard to provide cookies that are very tasty, very healthy and which make you smile. We have a vast range of cookie designs too, and we even provide a cookie mix.

If you’re looking for some healthy, high quality cookies baked only using healthy ingredients, give us a try. We guarantee you will be mesmerised with the amazing look and taste of each cookie!

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