What is BK Point?


Bakeo House Point

Collect points to redeem Discount Code or Free Shipping

We really love the immense support you have been giving us and we’re so grateful for it. 

So how is the Bakeo House Point (BKP) work?
Every purchase you will gain some point base on your total amount (not include shipping fee and tax)

Spent RM 1 Earn 2 BK Points

Start collecting points and redeem your Prize now!


What is BK Point Program?

It’s an awesome program where you can collect BK Points and use to deduct your total purchase amount! We created this point exclusively to thank you awesome people for the past tremendous support! 

How can I earn Bakeo House Points?

All you need to do is just Create an Account at our website www.bakeohouse.com, and Log In to purchase and collect your BK Points! Thereafter, every time you make an online purchase from us, you earn some point (Spent RM 1 Earn 2 BK Points) base on your total purchase (Not include shipping fee & Tax) as BK Point.

Besides this, we'll create some campaign time to time for you to earn BK Point.
Such as 
- Sign up as new members
- Social media like, follow and share

How much Bakeo House Points I have?

You can always Log In to your account and check your BK Points balance.

How to redeem my BK Points?

You can redeem your BK Points by clicking on the Reward Button at Bottom Right or Account Detail Page. 

When is the expiry date for my BK Points?

Yes, if you never do any purchase activity or the account no longer active for a year, the point will be forfeit.

Can I redeem my BK Points for cash?

No. BK Points are not redeemable for cash. Your BK Points may only be used towards purchases of our products at www.bakeohouse.com

Are BK Points transferable? 

No, you may not transfer any BK Points. 

Can I redeem my BK Points when I shop at your retail partners?

No. Your BK Points can only be redeemed at our website  www.bakeohouse.com

What happens to my BK Points if I get a full refund of an item purchased?

The BK Points earned for the particular item will be deducted accordingly. For any cancelled orders, the initial BK Points earned will be deducted accordingly.


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